Covered version: 'Nana' Multicolored bucket bag

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How many colors will you like your bag to have? From one to seven colors, there is a wide range of infinite combinations to have! This specific design is similar to the 'Nana' Multicolored bucketbag but comes in a covered version with a twisted handle, plus an extra long handle (upon request). We also have the wooden handle and zipper as seen on the Jamaican design, the choice is yours.

If you want a special tone/color shade mix, kindly send a mail via shopify so that I can take your custom order. All handmade with love ❤️ 


- 100% premium quality T-shirt yarn

- 7 rainbow color mix (6 colors on the bag and 7th color for the twisted handle)/your preferred mix

- Proper lining

- Zipper for wooden handle style

- Rainbow tassel

- Bag charm enhance the bags beauty

- Twisted handle

- Extra long handle (upon request)

- colors
- accessories : silver,gold or black.

The design can be "Chaotic" upon request as well, see reference in photos below

length/width/height - 28/10/32 (cm)

Please select your preferred color with accessories (Gold, Silver or Bronze)

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