Mystery Box - The perfect gift idea

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You know what? Deciding on a particular design/color/accessory style can be stressful, which is why now have our one-of-a-kind MYSTERY BOXES will make gift giving and self-care indulges a sure treat. it is the perfect gift idea!

Every mystery box comprises a unique crochet bag. It could be on the ‘available now’ section or even privately listed. Either ways, you get to pay for and have your bag get to you within 2 weeks.. All orders are processed within 7 days of placing them and DHL shipping takes 4-7 working days to get to your doorstep (depending on location). 

Kindly note that Mystery Boxes comes with everything intriguing but a flexible design/style selection - If that’s what you need, placing a more specific custom order would be your ideal option :) Once you place an order within your budget, a unique and fitting package will be sent to you. If you have questions, shoot me an email before placing your order.

Oh! All orders placed here comes with FREE SHIPPING/Calculated within, so feel free to indulge with your budget. I look forward to shipping your mystery box(es).

All my Love,