‘Obim’ Traditional inspired Crochet bag

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‘Obim’ in Igbo Language (One of the major tribes in Nigeria) means ‘My Heart’. The design is very much inspired by the African culture with a sprinkle of boho for the fringes.

The Crochet bag had a ‘Peekaboo’ effect where a darker color tone is hidden behind the fringes. A Cultural Masterpiece indeed :)

It is an Original design that has 3 essentials:

- Leather Base

- Solid color/ multiple color mix

- African corals for the handle.



- 100% premium quality T-shirt yarn

- Leather base

- Preferred color mix available

- Proper lining

- African coral beads for handle

- Comes with Matching Coral earrings with the handle as a plus :)

- colors

- accessories : silver,gold or black.

DIMENSIONS (in inches)
length/width/height - 10’/14’/4’

Please select your preferred color with accessories (Gold, Silver or Bronze)