‘THE BOSS’ crochet bag

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Who doesn’t want to rock a Custom made BOSS crochet bag? Yes! Custom as in having your own colors mixed to match that beautiful outfit you have been saving for the perfect moment, or mix the perfect blend that goes with ANY outfit at all.

Do you want more than 2-3 colors mixed for your bag? You got it! Kindly send a mail via shopify so that I can take your custom order.


- 100% premium quality Leather/T-shirt yarn

- 2 colors mixed with the third color as a stripe

- Proper lined and zipped with 2 inner pocket for your things 

- Matching tassel

- Antique wooden handle/any other handle type of your choice

- Extra longer handle for when you don’t feel like using the antique wooden handle

- Bag charm enhance the bags beauty

- colors (Up to 3 colors), send a mail if you need more colors
- accessories : silver,gold or black.

Height 8 inches
Length 11½ inches
Width 10inches

Please select your preferred color with accessories (Gold, Silver or Bronze)

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